Welcome to my page!

I work from home full time as the Social Media Communications Manager for a large state agency in Oklahoma. 

Part time, I am a natural light photographer specializing in families and children, as well as lead a successful and growing team in the health and wellness industry. 

All while staying home with my 4, going on 5 babies. 

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My Story

My husband and I have been married for 11 years. Our love story is messy, but raw and real. It's a story of redemption and reconciliation. We separated for nearly a year in 2018, and from our time apart I was blessed with a bonus son. Between the two of us we have two daughters, two little boys, and one more baby (a tie breaker!) on the way. 

We met in college at Oklahoma State University, where I graduated with a degree in Marketing. I've been a marketing professional for over 10 years (YIKES!), and while I L O V E my full time job, I started looking for an additional source of income in March of 2021. 

We have big dreams of being completely debt free (including paying off our student loans and mortgage) and we knew the most straightforward way of accomplishing this goal was to start saving, stick to our budget, and bring in extra income whenever we could. What started as a side-hustle has turned into a blessing, a source of confidence and has forced me to grow my leadership skills to new heights. 

Not only has my e-commerce business grown in ways I could have never imagined, it's blessed our family in our health, both physically and mentally as well. 

I'd love to share more with you!


what i offer

Looking to follow along with my entrepreneur adventures, take a dive into big family life, book a photo session or learn more about holistic health? 

Pick your choice below :)


Classic, timeless, natural light photography for families and children.


I love to blog about our big family adventures, holistic health, yummy recipes and having multiple streams of income with multiple kiddos!


I offer freelance design work, branding, business cards and more!

Email me for details, pricing and packages.

Holistic Health + Life changing opportunity

As a mama who is passionate about paying off debt, I've found several ways to bring in additional streams of income, as well as products that contribute to my mental and physical health. I'd love to share more!


I'm always excited about sharing this life changing opportunity.

Let's connect.