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Professional Marketing Portfolio

After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2010 with a Bachelors in Marketing, I quickly started gaining a broad base of knowledge and experience.

In those 12 years I've developed in-depth marketing campaigns, managed electronic messaging campaigns, created full scale analytic reports,  as well as honed my writing, graphic design and content creation skills. 

I have worked with a wealth of technology, including SalesForce programs for project management and analytics, several e-mail marketing platforms, and electronic media platforms including social media sites, Outlook, and Google Analytics. 

I have created written and graphic content for several media types, including social media, print ads, news releases, billboards, web ads and banners as well as media for internal communications, such as slide presentations and reporting, emails, newsletters, and handouts. 

The last three years I have managed the social media accounts for the State of Oklahoma's largest state agency, OKDHS, with a reach of well over 300,000 individuals.

Below you will find a small sampling of my work from OKDHS, including graphics, written content,  campaign creation, and social media reporting.

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TFC Campaign

A month long campaign using a wide variety of media including press releases, news features, podcast interviews, web and social media advertisements, and e-Blasts.

View Sample Social Post Content here. 

Example Graphics

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Elder Abuse Awareness Campaign

A month long campaign for Elder Abuse Awareness. 

Tri-weekly social media posts. 

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Agency Branding

One of the goals of OKDHS Director Brown was to change the conversation around the recognition of the agency. 

Bi-monthly posts were created to help change the narrative of the agency from negative, to a 'hope-centered approach'. 

Social Media Growth and Consistency

As the sole social media manager for OKDHS, my goal was to keep a consistently full content calendar, with content created to educate, inspire and bring awareness to OKDHS and the programs it offers. 

The average reach across all channels is consistently over 180,000, with an average engagement rate of 2%. 

Our Instagram following alone has seen an increase of 82% since June 2019.