Big, fluffy and tender... the ultimate cinnamon roll recipe!

Back in 2020, I started a very intense journey... to find *the best* cinnamon roll recipe. I probably researched 10-20 different recipes, and made dozens, and dozens, and dozens of recipes before perfecting it...

These rolls rise beautifully, and continue rising during baking, the brown sugar starting to caramelize on the pillowy tops.

I was looking for a specific type of roll, one that would take me back to my high school's cafeteria, enjoying a warm, fluffy-yet gooey pile of heavenly sweetness before jaunting off to class.

It had to be firm enough to hold a nice shape, while still being easy to cut through with a fork, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

I'm also not overly fond of cream cheese frosting, but I needed the glaze to have a nice consistency, without being too sweet. The small amount of cream cheese in this glaze is absolute perfection, offering a nice bite to cut the sweetness.

This recipe needs tender loving care and patience, it's not a 'whip up quick' kind of endeavor. Be patient in rise times, I like to heat my oven to 170 degrees, then turn it off for a few minutes before putting the dough into rise. You don't want too much heat, or the dough will flatten.

Another secret is is the filling... you don't want to use melted butter, but soft, still somewhat cold butter, and mixing with the sugar and cinnamon and *pressing* into the dough, then rolling your dough up tightly. This keeps the butter from melting too quickly, and the dough almost absorbs the butter as it bakes, keeping the rolls from being too gooey.

Fun fact: I've found that a disposable 9x9 baking pan is great for perfectly smushing together 6 rolls... plus they come with lids so you can easily deliver to your friends who will be begging you to make these for them!

Notice in the picture how the sugar starts to rise up from the top like a volcano of deliciousness.

Bake for about 20-25 minutes, until the rolls start to turn a light golden brown and the sugar starts to caramelize.

Let cool for 5-10 minutes, and then drizzle with your glaze, so it doesn't melt completely.

And then enjoy... obviously.

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