• Allix Rawls

Let's talk multiple streams of income...

My husband is a mechanical engineer.

I'm a communications manager for a state agency.

We make decent money.

But with the world we're living in, it's still not enough to pay of debt (student loans, mortgage, and some credit debt) and build lasting savings and 'wealth'.

Wealth is such a fickle word.

When it comes to comparing a majority of the world community, we are wealthy. And vastly so.

But we want more. We want to be completely debt free and in control of every dime we make. We want to have an abundance of money saved for a comfortable retirement, for emergencies, and to help our children build their own sustainable futures.

We also want to live generously; fund adoptions and fertility treatments, build homes for veterans, donate vehicles to those in need.

Sadly it's hard to do that when your resources are tied up paying down debt.

Did you know that the average millionaire has S E V E N streams of income.

We have two 'day jobs', and my side hustle. We'd also love to invest in real estate (AirBNB properties as well as rural/farmland), and start other small businesses.

What would you do with no debt?

Real Talk:

You can make an additional income. With just a few spare minutes a day you can build a business and reach whatever your dreams are. Need extra to pay bills? Need a few hundred extra for spending money? Want to build legacy wealth? It's all possible.

What we offer:

  1. Groundbreaking holistic health products and your own e-commerce site

  2. No required minimums or autoship

  3. A simple, generous comp plan

  4. A FREE financial advisor from the moment you sign on

  5. Business-minded leaders, straightforward strategies and a team leading you to success.

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